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We work on behalf of local and overseas businesses who are looking for representation and support in getting their products and brands into the hands of the consumer

About Us

Katie Houghton

Katie Houghton

Partner & Marketing Director


Darren Houghton

Founder & MD


Paul Marcantonio

Partner & Sales Director

Our Mission

“To be recognised and respected as the partner of choice by offering our clients a personal, proactive and individually crafted approach to meeting expectations, safeguarding brand reputation and delivering success”

Our Vision

“It’s all about personal relationships.  The journey together is everything”

Our Values

Integrity | Diligence | Accountability | Perseverance | Trust

We have over 40 years of combined experience in building senior level, sustainable and profitable relationships with retail, distribution and high profile vendors across the UK and Continental Europe.

We love smart home products, wearable technology, home entertainment & desirable lifestyle goods and exciting new consumer electronic devices.

We also have H5 strategic partners who offer specialist services in supply chain and category management, recruitment, web design, SEO reporting and on-line marketing.

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The H5 Effect

We are the architects of product & customer alignment, we build and secure relationships and trust between the brands that we represent and the customers that we respect.

Internet of Things


Smart Home

What we can do for your business

Smart Homes forms one significant part of the Internet of Things (IoT) which will be the largest device market in the world.  By 2019 it is estimated that the size of the IoT market will be more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car and wearable market combined.  In value terms IoT will deliver around $1.7 trillion in additional revenue to the economy by the end of this decade.

At H5 our ambition is to be fully immersed in the IoT revolution, specifically from a Smart Homes perspective.  We have built and secured trusted relationships with many partners that we represent and our objective is to help them navigate their products and services into the consumers homes.

Now is the optimum time to engage with us whilst the Smart Home concept is still in its infancy.  Partnering with H5 means that your product or service will be personally, professionally and passionately represented across the UK and European retail and distribution landscape.

Whether you have a Smart lightbulb, home monitoring device, security system or completely unique idea, we can help you become part of the most exciting growth category ever anticipated.

Get in touch with us today so that we can take you through our friendly and thorough approach to getting your products to market

Wearable Tech

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Wearable Technology

What we can do for your business

Today’s conversations surrounding Wearable Technology tend to converge around Sports, Fitness and Health with a growing list of brands such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Misfit and Pebble all bringing out desirable products to appeal to an increasing demographic of health and fitness-conscious users.

Size of the Prize?

The global market size of Wearable Technology is reportedly worth around $16.1bn this year and is expected to reach over $30bn by 2020

Limitless Opportunities for Growth

We predict huge opportunities for Wearable Technology growth from outside of just Sports, Fitness and Health.  The categories and markets that we believe will contribute to a year on year CAGR of 30% over the next 5 years are;  AR/VR, SmartWatch, Healthcare, Military, Eldercare, Kids & Pets & TechFashion

H5 can work with key retail partners to help them navigate their way through this emerging category to focus on selecting the most desirable brands for their consumers. H5 can also support Wearable Tech brands looking for senior representation to secure primary retail appointments, effectively present their products differentiation and to secure listings on their behalf.

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CE, Home Entertainment and Lifestyle

Consumer Electronics, Entertainment & Lifestyle


We work with key retail partners to help them navigate their way through existing and emerging categories to enable them to focus on selecting the most desirable brands,  products and solutions for their consumers.

We also partner with local and overseas brands who are looking for senior level representation to secure primary retail appointments and to win premium listings and deliver sustainable long-term relationships.

Our supply chain partnership with Reverbz Media Ltd also brings a wealth of expertise in advanced category management by utilising the latest technology and innovative commercial models to deliver efficient solutions for both content owners and retailers.


Partners & Clients

We have senior level relationships with

Adding value through collaboration

We work in partnership with 3 key businesses to offer a broader range of services to our clients

The Bright Click

The Bright Click is a digital marketing company specialising in Online Marketing, Web Design & hosting, Google PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Advertising, Managed Social Media Marketing campaigns and more.


GOLDEN CHILD is a London & Los Angeles lifestyle brand that fuses music, fashion, art & technology. Collaborating with gifted designers, craftsmen and artists; we bring to the world fashionable products for the smart phone generation. Music is considered the universal language and fashion is self expression. This powerful combination inspires an innovative brand that embodies the philosophy…

“Music & Fashion Go Hand-In-Hand”


Reverbz Media Ltd is a Home Entertainment Supply Chain company specialising in advanced category management solutions and investing in the latest technology to deliver innovative and efficient commercial models to benefit both content owners and retailers.


Talent Acquistion

At H5 we don’t believe in ‘out of the box’ thinking, we believe there is no box.  Diversification is at the very core of our beliefs and sometimes the greatest future talent for your business could be sitting dormant in another sector unnoticed by your traditional recruitment channel; this concept is where our services can make a tangible difference.
We embrace differentiation and welcome diversification, we delve into the DNA of our candidates, identifying a perfect fit for both employer and employee.

Serving your business

We understand that the culture within an organisation is fundamental to its success. We have identified an untapped pool of professionals within the core markets in which we specialise and this network of specially selected people all harness unrivalled skills and knowledge that can offer diversity and entrepreneurial spirit to any business sector.
Medium and small businesses can particularly benefit from our candidate portfolio as each individual has the potential to add new concepts, thought processes and bring a new dimension of thinking to any business. Our commitment to you is to ensure that the potential candidate has the skills and background to meet your business aspirations and to deliver demonstrable results.


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“Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process.  If you focus on this definition, success is yours.”